Phytodermato Advanced Formula®

All YOUTH products contain the Phytodermato Advanced Formula®, a skin-friendly complex combining Tomato stem cell and Purslane extracts. Based on 100% natural targeted active ingredients, this clean beauty formula acts as a shield against pollution, inflammation and oxidation, firmly counteracting today's aggressions, the main causes of premature skin aging. Other targeted natural active ingredients have been carefully selected to address the specific concerns of each skin type and age group.

Purslane extract + Tomato stem cell extract =
YOUTH Purity

PURITY is designed for skin prone to imperfections, and especially for combination to oily skin. The Micro-alga extract, incorporated into all PURITY formulas and valued for its immuno-stimulating and repairing properties, is key to controlling sebum production and purifying skin. It contributes significantly to the promotion of clear, mattified and visibly refined skin.

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YOUTH Hydration

HYDRATION helps maintain the integrity of the cutaneous barrier and boosts moisture. The Raspberry leaf stem cell extract contained in each HYDRATION formula delivers soothing, antioxidant, DNA protecting and repairing benefits. It helps neutralize harmful pollutants and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid to balance hydration loss and restore the cutaneous barrier. Skin is more supple, firm and hydrated.

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YOUTH Anti-Age

ANTI-AGE is designed to fight and correct signs of aging, stimulate the skin’s vital functions and preserve its structural integrity. The Solanum Lycopersicum stem cell extract is the winning asset of all the ANTI-AGE formulas. Its antioxidant, DNA protecting and repairing properties help reduce the effects of skin aging. It also helps stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, boosting cell longevity whilst efficiently fighting against free radicals. The skin is more supple, firmer and replenished.

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